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Drug rehab programs

There area literally hundreds of treatment center options in the Carolinas, but finding the right drug rehab program can be difficult. Most people who receive help go to outpatient programs or short-term inpatient facilities, but the relapse rates for both of those settings are extremely high. That is why we recommend and will help you find effective long-term rehab programs that are focused on results. These facilities are more individually-based and aren't limited to a number of days.

Statistics have proven over and over that longer-term rehabilitation programs have higher success rates, but there are many more factors that just time when it comes to locating a drug rehab program that works.

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What to look for in a drug rehab program

Drug rehab program successHere are some common but important questions to ask when searching for drug rehab program for yourself or a loved one from North or South Carolina:

How much does the treatment center cost? Is this on a monthly basis or is it a flat rate? Are there any additional fees involved?

What is the success rate for the rehab program? Some programs have such high relapse rates that they do not feel there is such a thing as a success rate. However, there are facilities out there that track their graduates and have either formal or informal evidence of success rates. It is very important though to ask them what they consider to be a success.

Where is the rehabilitation facility located? Location may be important to some people, but it should be a secondary concern when compared with outcomes. While families might want the addict to stay close, it is often better to not be in your own back yard. There are pros and cons of being in state or out of state, which you will have to weigh out yourself and determine what is best based on the resources available.

What is the primary method of treatment used? In many cases this is the most important aspect. Do they tell people addiction is an incurable disease and that relapse is a part of recovery, or are they responsibility-based and believe that people can permanently end addiction? We have seen that disease-based programs have a much higher relapse rate since they create a built-in excuse for addicts to not be in control over themselves and thus go use again.

What kind of aftercare programs are there? Many people have become stuck in the idea tha addicts need to go to meetings after treatment. In some cases yes this can be good, with the right meeting/group, but most of the time the meetings have people in there that are chronic relapsers and continually talk about using drugs and alcohol, so finding other forms of aftercare can be more effective. The discharge planning process is where the aftercare plan is typically arranged, and finding groups and activities to participate in post-rehabilitation is key.

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